Partnership with Maximus Systems and Prevtech


Tradition Mutual Cares about Fire Prevention

We are excited today to announce that we have partnered with two companies that strongly believe in fire prevention as much as we do.

Barn fires are something that everyone wants to avoid.  Farmers do not want a disruption in their operations, having to go through a time of rebuilding and starting the process again, not to mention the loss of livestock and the mental stress of the event.  First responders do not want to deal with the risky situations in fighting a large fire.  Tradition, as a mutual company, wants to keep our farm premiums as low as possible.

By partnering with two companies that offer similar but uniquely different products to reduce fire and loss of electrical current in the systems they monitor we are taking an important step forward in achieving our goals in loss prevention

Tradition will give a 10% discount on your premium to your outbuildings that are protected by one of these units.  We will also apply that discount to any confined livestock located in those buildings.


MAXIMUS has been in the agriculture industry for over 30 years offering state-of-the-art technologies designed specifically for poultry, swine, and dairy farms to automate, monitor, and manage operations.

Constantly monitoring your electrical network, the MAXIMUS Prevention Solution sends instant alarm notifications advising you of any electrical anomalies.  In addition, with MAXIMUS you can connect remotely to identify the source of the problem and intervene on the equipment connected to your MAXIMUS.

To learn more please visit or contact Jeff MacDougald



Prevtech Innovation is a 5 year old all Canadian company that only does electrical monitoring.  With our state of the art monitoring and unique direct client service, we deliver the producer client all the peace of mind they want to help protect their barns, their business, their livelihoods.

PrevTech’s solution provides continuous, 24/7/365 monitoring of a farm’s electrical network, watching for electrical and thermal anomalies and sending alerts when necessary, plus direct person to person communication with the client when required. This early warning system, complete with diagnostic customer support, provides farms with a new risk management tool.

To learn more about how PrevTech can protect your farm:

If you have any questions, please ask your agent or broker or feel free to get in touch with one of these providers.

Together we can minimize the risks that we face together!