Ann’s Donation Story

Ann Knowles, an Underwriter, here at Tradition has donated to the Farley Foundation. If you are not familiar with the charity it is named after the cartoon dog, Farley, from the comic strip For Better or Worse. The Foundation provides financial assistance for pet owners who are struggling financially and cannot pay for veterinary care for their pet or Service Animal. The service is provided through a referral from the veterinarian and could be for medication or emergency surgery. The Foundation has been in existence since 2002 and has helped 10,500 pets.

There is a strong connection between a person and their pet, this can be seen through the positive impact the pet has on the person’s life. Ann has a black lab named Meg, with whom she has a strong connection and Ann is thankful for Meg for helping her through some challenging times. Ann chose the Farley Foundation because it is comforting to know that if financial circumstances were different, she would still be able to get the help for Meg if she needed it.

The Farley Foundation gives peace of mind to many pet parents that they do not have to choose between debt and their pet. Tradition hopes that this donation can help as many pets as possible to get the care they need.

Ann Donation