Andrea’s Donation Story

Andrea Ludington, a Senior Accountant here at Tradition, has decided to donate to London’s Children’s Health Foundation Sick Kids Hospital. This is part of the London Health Sciences Centre, and is not just a children’s hospital. This hospital is the regional referral centre providing specialized services and a multi-disciplinary approach to their young patients. They provide amazing care through the best specialists and the latest technology.

Andrea’s connection to the hospital started back in 1993 when she and her brother had a catastrophic car accident that left her brother with a severe brain injury. He was taken to the hospital from the crash site by helicopter. If not for the top-notch care, they would have lost him that day.

Her cousin happened to be at the hospital at the same time as her brother for cancer treatment (children’s oncology being one of the specialties at the hospital). Unfortunately, they lost him a few years later.

Andrea’s connection to the hospital gets even deeper as her daughters have a hereditary heart condition, which the amazing cardiac department at the hospital has continued monitor.

The doctors and nurses that work at the Children’s Health Foundation, in our opinion, are some of the best in Ontario. No one likes to visit a hospital; especially children, this facility makes it easier. Thank you for all of the fantastic work that you do.Andrea's Donation