Janelle’s Donation Story

Janelle Muir Phillips, an account manager here at Tradition, has decided to donate to Community Living St. Marys and Area. This is a great organization that pays for items that enhance the lives of people living with disabilities, their families and their communities. These items includes essential items that aren’t covered by government funding, such as mobility and communication devices.

Janelle got connected to this organization through her oldest sister, Carrie-Anne, who is supported through Community Living St. Marys. They have always been there to support her & provided Carrie-Anne with an amazing support team.

Janelle’s family started a foundation called ‘ Create A Smile in support of St. Mary’s Community Living -16 years ago. It was driven by a need that hit close to home. Her sister’s teeth needed to be pulled due to their deterioration from medication that she had been on for her disability. Government funding was not available to support new dentures or implants; we were determined to resolve the situation. This is where ‘Create A Smile’ began.

Community Living St. Marys Living, in the past, has raised money for wheelchair accessible vans, accessible swing and play equipment at the Pyramid Rec Centre and summer sports for young people.

Thank you to Community living for all of the amazing work you do we know that this money will be put toward something great!Janelle's Donation