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Chuck – Minto Fire Safe Kids Day

Chuck's day with Minto Fire

 Minto Fire Safe Kids Day is an annual event dedicated to educating children about fire safety.

Minto Fire – Safe Kids Day, received a significant boost this year thanks to a generous donation from Tradition Mutual Insurance Company. This contribution underscores the community’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its youngest members ranging from Grade 3 – 6 from local school. Enhancing Educational Outreach.

The donation was used to enhance various aspects of the event, allowing organizers to expand their outreach and offer more comprehensive educational activities. These activities include interactive demonstrations by fire safety professionals, hands-on training sessions for children on how to respond in case of a fire, and the distribution of educational materials that children can take home to share with their families.

The Minto Fire Safe Kids Day plays a crucial role in the community by equipping children with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe in case of a fire emergency & other potential emergencies.

With the support from Tradition Mutual Insurance Company, this year’s event was able to reach more children and provide them with an even richer learning experience. Their donation was not only able help in making the event more impactful but also inspire other members of the community to contribute to this important cause.The organizers are excited about the possibilities this donation opens up and are looking forward to implementing new and improved activities that will leave a lasting impact on the children.

The generous donation from Tradition Mutual significantly enhanced the Minto Fire Safe Kids Day, helping to create a safer and more informed community. The organizers and participants alike extend their heartfelt gratitude for this invaluable support.

Steph – Woodland Towers

Stephanie's Day at Woodland Towers

“I had a blast volunteering at Woodland Towers in Stratford.”

Woodland Towers is an independent living facility with a fantastic support services program for those who need more assistance with activities of daily living.

Steph chose to support their activity program! Having been a former PSW at Woodland Towers, she has seen firsthand how crucial these programs are for residents, and wanted to ensure they had some extra funding to keep the fun going!

Steph started her day off at 9:45 running brain teasers, sparking laughs and lively discussions with residents. She then assisted the PSW and kitchen staff with handing out meals and running trays to apartments. In the afternoon, she helped set up the auditorium for an awesome fundraising BBQ and entertainment event. Residents gathered in the hall, where Steph and Woodland staff checked tickets, served up delicious food, and even drew names for door prizes. The music got everyone on their feet, dancing and enjoying themselves!

If you’re interested in volunteering and spreading some joy, Woodland Towers and Spruce Lodge are always on the lookout for helpers. Feel free to contact volcoord@sprucelodge.on.ca for more information!

Steve – Huron County Pride

Steve's Day with Huron County Pride

Huron County Pride is an organization that helps LGBTQ+ community by providing supports and inclusion, solidarity, as well as resistance to discrimination and violence.

Steve chose to support the organization because he is a member of the community and feels it is important to support others.

He spent the day prior to the Pride festival helping to prepare and set up for the Saturday celebration. On Saturday, the day of the pride celebration, Steve spent the whole day (7am-7pm) helping with set up and tear down of the event. Steve was a floater that worked wherever he was needed during the day.

Huron county Pride is always looking for volunteers for the events they hold, just go to the website, www.huroncountypride.ca

or facebook, https://www.facebook.cam/Huroncountypride

Events August 2024

August 2024

Events in Huron, Perth, Oxford & Middlesex Counties

More details can be found by clicking on the event names below!

Huron County

Goderich Firefighters Breakfast

August 4, 2024



Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 

August 9-11, 2024


RCMP Musical Ride

August 31, 2024


Perth County

Hello Summer! Teen Pottery Workshop

August 13, 2024



Stories on the Bus

August 22, 2024



Older Adult Social Dance

August 28, 2024


Middlesex & Oxford Counties

Ontario Summer Games 2024

August 1-4, 2024


Embro Truck and Tractor Pull

August 2-3, 2024


Norwich Truck and Tractor Pull

August 16-17, 2024