Chris’ Donation Story

Chris Dietz, an Agent here at Tradition, has decided to donate to Foundation Christian School. The school was founded in 2006 out of the desire to provide an enriching education and an opportunity for kids to meet Jesus. The school is located just outside of Waterloo on a large property that encourages the students to learn and discover. They have a program that includes the parents because they know that education isn’t just in the classroom. With a nurturing community, the students can have a solid foundation in education and faith.

Chris is connected to the school through his family; his sister has been a teacher at Foundation since the inception of the school 14 years ago. The donation will go towards the construction of a community outdoor learning space and towards personal protective equipment. Since the pandemic began the school has had to transform the way they teach and interact with the students, the protective equipment will ensure the safety of everyone.

Education is an important aspect of a child’s life. We are proud to donate to Foundation Christian School so that the students may continue safely down their education path.Chris's Donation