Nikki’s Donation Story

Nikki Powers, an Agent here at Tradition, has donated to Optimism Place Women’s Shelter and Support Services. This organization is a place of protection and support for women escaping abuse. Their vision is ending woman abuse and its impact on all women, families, and communities. The house has six bedrooms, each with two beds, as well as an accessible room, there is a fully stocked kitchen and the women are provided with the basic needs they may require upon entrance. All of this is to ensure the women are as comfortable as possible. Optimism Place also offers child support, legal support and many outreach programs for the woman in the house and the community.

Nikki chose this organization because she believes that women and children need to be supported and encouraged to take positive steps for their safety and well-being. Our community is fortunate enough to have this judgment-free shelter to provide important and needed services.

Tradition believes that everyone in need should be supported. Supporting an organization that helps women and children get to a better place is a great opportunity. We thank the Optimism Place and all those that work and volunteer there for all of their work they do.Nikki's donation