Heather’s Donation Story

Heather Olbach, an Office Administrator here at Tradition, has donated to Woodstock Christian School. Woodstock Christian School is an elementary school that “exists to nurture faith, engage learning, and grow in community, to the glory of God.” “They respond in faith to God’s call of love for self, others, and creation by inspiring, empowering, and equipping through distinctive Christ-centered education.” The school first opened in 1959 and has been enriching the lives of about 200 students a year. The students are aged from JK to grade 8. The school doesn’t just want learning and faith to be an abstract idea, they want it to be real for the students.

Woodstock Christian School has always been a big part of Heather’s life; she attended the school herself and her mom has taught there for 33 years. She admires the continuous dedication and commitment of the staff as they have been working hard to educate the students during the pandemic. The school is not publicly funded and relies upon enrollment and donations to operate.

Tradition believes that education is an important aspect of every child’s life and that schools are an important part of every community. Woodstock Christian School has managed to provide a safe and enriching environment for students to learn and develop skills as well as giving back to the community that they are part of.

Heather's Donation