Marg’s Donation Story

Marg Jordan, an Underwriter here at Tradition, has donated to St. Marys District A15 Lions Club.  This Service Club is a volunteer-based organization with all monies fundraised going back into the community. They provide financial assistance to children and adults in need of glasses. The Club also donates money to other projects such as the Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dog Facility in Breslau where Dog Guides are born and trained.  Handlers from all over go to the training facility located in Oakville to receive and train with their Guide Dog all expenses paid. Lions Club of Canada is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year with the St. Marys District celebrating their 80th!

Marg has been connected to the club as her parents have been active members for over 30 years. She knows firsthand how hardworking the volunteers are and the many hours that go into their fundraising efforts; which have been hampered this year due to COVID-19. Marg is also very inspired by the work they do with children’s vision as she has had vision issues and knows how important vision is. Having children’s vision tested and providing them with glasses is a weight off of the parents and allows the child to discover the world around them.

In keeping with the importance of vision, especially for children, Tradition is proud that this donation will go towards providing children with glasses. Learning, seeing, and discovering the world around them is imperative for a child’s growth and development and we are honoured that we can be a part of that.

Marg's donation Story