Deb’s Donation Story

Deb Tsitomeneas, UW here at Tradition Mutual, has donated to the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre. The HCFBDC sources, purchases & receives donations, redistributing them to various food-aid and social agencies throughout Huron County and beyond.  Volunteers and community partners are the heart of this organization that works to provide food security to everyone who has a need.  The mission of HCFBDC is to make hunger non-existent within our communities.

Due to Covid-19, the use of food banks is now higher than ever. Deb recognized the greater demand this year and is happy that her donation can help fill some of those needs.

Food is an essential part of life and it should not be a luxury that some cannot afford.  We are glad that Tradition can help those that are going through a tough time.


Deb's Donation