Marty’s Donation Story

Marty Mathieson, the Finance Manager here at Tradition Mutual, has donated to The Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is Canada’s largest non-government funder for heart and stroke research. Heart disease and stroke is a leading killer globally, the research, partnerships and education that the Foundation is paramount in rehabilitation and recovery for many. The rehabilitation and recovery process can be long and strenuous on both the victim and the caregivers the Foundation tries to make the process as easy as possible with support groups, partnerships with hospitals, and education about the process. The Foundation also tries to promote healthy living because healthy living can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is important to Marty’s family because his wife is a heart transplant survivor of 22 years. Without the research funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, she would not likely be alive. His wife is now a CPR instructor with the Foundation and Marty has done some canvassing for them.

The research funded by the Foundation is playing a vital role in our communities in not only by extending life, but improving lives as well. Tradition is honoured that we can donate to a Foundation that can impact people’s lives in such a positive way.

Marty's Donation