Kim’s Donation Story

Kim, the Underwriting Manager, here at Tradition has donated to the Stratford House of Blessing. Stratford House of Blessing is a local food bank and charitable organization helping individuals and families in our community for 36 years.  Each month 581 people use the food bank, 174 are children.  The Stratford House of Blessing also has many other programs for babies, kids, and adults. The House of Blessing is a non-profit organization that depends on the kindness and caring of many volunteers and the support of individuals and businesses from the community to make ends meet.

Kim decided to direct her donation to Stratford House of Blessing because, in this time where so many people are facing food uncertainty, the House of Blessing has programs to help all those who need it. Their food bank provides healthy, fresh, and frozen foods to make sure that everyone is fed in a nutritious way.

The House of Blessing has so many programs that they are able to help all of those in need. Not only are they a food bank but they provide planning for help with financial challenges, provide clothing for those starting on a new job, provide clothing and toys for children, and many more services. Providing a donation to an organization that has such a wide impact on our community means a lot.

Check them out @StratfordHOB

Kim's Donation