Jim’s Donation Story

Jim Watt, a Board of Director, here at Tradition has donated to The Local Community Food Centre. The Local started close to 10 years ago. It started as a few garden boxes and has grown to take over an old soccer field of over 1500 square feet of community gardens fueling access markets and meal programs.  The local has many programs involving growing and cooking healthy food which allows skill and confidence to grow creating a positive change.

The Local aims to reduce barriers that members of the community may experience when accessing healthy food. They provide an access market which provides local produce (much of which is grown in the community garden) at a lower price so that everyone can afford good food, they have 3 mobile markets to nearby communities to allow as many people access as possible. Both the cooking and gardening programs provide a way for people to come together and learn about the food they are consuming while creating a bond in the community.

When one thinks of food, they think of health and nutrition as well as coming together to share a meal with family and friends. The Local extrapolates this idea in a barrier free way so that anyone in the community becomes your friend that you can share a healthy, locally grown meal with. Tradition is pleased to donate to the Local Community Food Centre so that they can continue to provide healthy food for people, despite the new barrier that Covid-19 has presented.

Jim's Donation