Jill’s Donation

Jill Taylor is a director at Tradition Mutual.  As a firm believer in the importance of life long learning, Jill directed her donation funds from the Farm Mutual Re program to The Huron Perth Children’s Aid Society scholarship fund.  This fund supports students in the CAS system pursuing post-secondary school education.

Postsecondary education is costly. Youth in our care and under the age of 25, have voiced the need for continued financial and emotional support in order to be successful in school and into adulthood. This is echoed by the Children’s Aid staff and the Board of Directors.

Youth in our care do not often have the support or availability of biological family or extended family, and often have not lived a life-journey free of deep challenges and barriers. Therefore, the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society views it as a responsibility to assist our youth in furthering their education.

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to young persons who are current or former Crown Wards, now known as Extended Society Care, as well as youth on Renewed Youth Support (RYS) and on a Voluntary Youth Service Agreement (VYSA) of the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society and who, while under the care and supervision of the Children’s Aid Society, are enrolled in a course of study or training that is still ongoing. Scholarship funding is intended to assist with the cost involved in completing these educational and training pursuits.

Jill's DOnation