Dave’s Donation Story

Dave Leyser, a Board of Director, here at Tradition has donated to Stratford General Hospital Foundation. The donation went towards the Community Stroke Rehab Team to support the therapy provided to stroke survivors in their homes. The Community Stroke and Rehab Team is looking to purchase two VR headsets, and the program will cover the additional cost of the VR cover facial interface (for infection control), and other accessories as required.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a multifaceted rehabilitation tool that provides the opportunity to incorporate encouragement and fun into the rehabilitation process. It has been shown to spike a user’s motivation, making patients are more likely to put in a greater effort. It has been used successfully to treat stroke patients. A study conducted in 2015, featuring 15 trials with 341 participants, shows that VR helped patients regain mobility after experiencing a stroke. VR can be utilized by a variety of disciplines including but not limited to Recreation Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, etc.

The Community Stroke Rehabilitation team and Recreation Therapy Department are looking to use this new therapeutic technology with stroke patients during both their inpatient and outpatient stroke rehabilitation as appropriate. Coming back from a stroke can be a difficult process Tradition is hoping that this donation may make that process a little easier.

Dave's donation