Melissa’s Donation Story

Melissa Ellis, an Underwriter, here at Tradition has donated to WES for Youth. WES for Youth is an organization that provides wellness and support for youth online through professional counseling. They aim to provide youth from all over Ontario with access to safe and secure free counseling

One in five youths in Ontario will experience some form of mental health challenges. WES for Youth recognized that thousands of youth were waiting a long time to access treatment. They also recognized that youth may not access treatment because of transportation, money, or even the stigma of asking for help. WES for Youth set up an online way for youth to access free counseling, whenever they need it, anywhere they need it and they can do so privately.

WES for Youth works with community partners, like Tradition, to cover the cost of the counseling. Tradition’s donation went to providing over six hours of free counseling to the youth that needed it. By coming together as a community we can create positive outcomes for youth mental health.

Melissa's donation