Karen’s Donation Story

Karen Neely, a marketing assistant and software support, here at Tradition has donated to Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario. Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario is an organization that aims to support, and educate those with epilepsy and those in the community. The organization offers programs for the community to learn about epilepsy, epilepsy first aid, these programs raise awareness and dispels many myths. When someone is diagnosed with epilepsy, the organization provides that person and their family education on epilepsy and how to live with it; they provide a support network for those impacted.

When Karen was in school, she volunteered at a summer camp that they held for children with epilepsy. This camp allowed the children to enjoy the regular activities associated with camp but in a way that they would be safe and supported if a seizure occurred. The kids at the camp had a large impact on her, she was able to see how fun-loving, happy, and strong they were despite the diversity that they faced. These kids constantly put a smile on her face and she is glad that the donation will help put a smile on their faces.

Being diagnosed with a new illness can be challenging for anyone, especially children. Tradition is pleased to donate to Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario because offering support and education is a vital step for those with epilepsy and their loved ones.

Karen's Donation