Monica’s Story

Monica Koehler, an underwriter, here at Tradition has donated to Emily Murphy Centre in Stratford. The Centre was established in 1989 to offer safe and affordable housing for women and children escaping from abusive situations. They are a twenty unit apartment complex located in Stratford, they have group rooms, a child development area, creative play and a recreational area. They offer the residents help to obtain their basic needs, therapy and assistance with community resources. The centre helps women with speaking to police and Children’s aid and all the stressful things that may follow.

Monica recognizes all of the great work that they do with helping women and children leave abusive situations and giving them to tools to rebuild and regain their power and strength. The centre is full of wonderful people that give the children a safe environment while giving the mother and women piece of mind and hope.

It can take a lot of courage for a woman to leave an abusive situation; having a place like the Emily Murphy Centre can make that transition a little easier. The donation will go to providing the support and essential needs of these women during their journey to a new life.

Monica's Donation